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IPscreener is a core part of our innovation work. Inventors can without special skills, just from text, research patent information and get instant knowledge on technologies & market trends .

Michael Beving, Co-founder at Toolspace/Ideaction Incubation program

Technology and business insights for Inventors

IPscreener is an AI driven platform to help everyone to explore and understand the treasure of knowledge hidden in patents. Whether you are looking to get insights to related technologies, validate your ideas or to overview market trends, this is the solution to support your R&D and business development.

Amplify your ideas

Ever wished you had one source of information to inspire your ideas? To find out if others have had similar thoughts and what they look like?

Well, it exists – the patent collections. Patents are the world’s greatest source of information, covering more than 80% of all technology know-how.

And 90% of it is free to use. So to understand the innovation landscape – start by mining patent information. IPscreener lets you do this using simple text search, and helps you understanding the results found.

What used to be a complex and time consuming task only for specialists, is now also a simple search away for anyone.

Intelligence from patents

Not only will patent data help you find out what other inventors are doing. You also get insights to your technology domain and competitors.

By this you get an easy overview of trends within R&D – who is active, where and when. This helps you analyze business information as well.

The innovation landscape offers direct insights. Who are your customers and who is your worst competitor? Who has the most patents for similar solutions?

IPscreener offers valuable insights by automatically giving an overview of what’s happening in your field.

Let AI do the job

Explore and analyze patent information on the fly, guided by IPscreener. You don’t need special expertise or legal training. You just copy and paste your idea text, and use AI to get insights from patents.

By frequent AI assisted exploring of patents in the innovation process you stay ahead of your competition.

This will amplify your ideas, whether you are a startup, in R&D, at University or an inventor.

Use IPscreener on patent data to boost your innovation, get insights at an early stage and avoid reinventing the wheel. Contact us to try it out.

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