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AI for Smarter Searching

AI for Smarter Searching

From a text IPscreener explores the world-wide patents. Instant smart insights to the innovation landscape. With trends, relevant documents and AI assisted reading. Collaborate and report findings on-the-fly.

Be an AI enhanced searcher

The IPscreener AI searches an input text in iterative steps to deliver results with high accuracy and precision. This includes learning from user behavior, pointing out relevant text paragraphs and highlighting key terms. You may at any time take control and focus strategy with classes, dates etc


Integrated innovation process

Use IPscreener either as a WEB tool or as integrated via APIs to your existing innovation platform. Your cases will be presented with a prior art screening automatically. Of course, it is possible to get customized reports. Automatically generated from users’ actions and comments.


Measured search performance

We are 100% transparent about the quality IPscreener deliver. You will always get analytics and performance scores for your technical domain. If interested, we may even deliver an analysis of your company patent portfolio, a specific technical domain or for a set of competitors or clients


Key features

Integrated reports on-the-fly
Easy text-based screening
Assisted patent reading
Automatic highlighting
Self-learning searches



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