Increase Innovation Effectiveness

Did you know that in average 50% of all innovation work is reinventing already known concepts? That means that you miss half the potential of your R&D. It is valuable to be able to aim research more precisely. To focus the resources on the promising ideas.

One reason to the low success rate of innovation is because 80% of all tech knowledge is hidden in patent documents. Surveying normal literature sources only will result in missing out on major parts of vital information. Use IPscreener to void investing valuable efforts in known ideas.

Access a Treasure of Knowledge

The patent domain includes legal language, needing special skills to explore and understand. With this knowledge hidden it is often ignored by R&D, Universities & SMEs. Surveying normal literature sources only will result in missing out on lot of relevant prior art information. This fact is too often unknown.

At the same time: 90% of the knowledge hidden in patents is free of use (not being in force). This is a fantastic opportunity to boost your innovation work. Use what you find as inspiration or support. Then put all your work on your core invention and those features that matters.

AI Generating Simplicity

IPscreener is a tool to boost your R&D process. From an idea text as input it presents the innovation landscape and relevant documents. This helps to easily validate your ideas. You get valuable market insights, find competitors and analyse invention trends. No more need of special skills to spot the relevant paragraphs and grasp the meaning of patents.

This helps everyone to both find and read complicated patent texts. Also, the AI learns from your behaviour to refine your ideas further. And of course to communicate your findings. With IPscreener you boost you R&D work and start to build your own IP awareness.

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