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Toolspace Testimonials

admin | January 18, 2024
In 2017 Toolspace launched the Ideaction Hardware Accelerator program with the mission to support entrepreneurs in validating hardware ideas and…

A summary for inventors

admin | January 18, 2024
From just a text our AI tool shows the innovation landscape. It gives quick insights to related solutions. To know…

I want to protect my idea, but not sure about the strategy ahead

admin | February 5, 2023
If you want to find out if someone has done something similar to your idea, you can search for it…

I want a patent so that no one can steal my idea! And what if it is patented?

admin | February 5, 2023
A patent is a legal document that gives you the right to prevent others from making, using, selling or importing…

I want to get the innovation done, so I can focus on my customers

admin | February 5, 2023
When I first got involved in the innovation process, I was frustrated that it took so long to get new…