Meet the team behind IPscreener:

Linus Wretblad


Linus is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of IPcreener. He has more than 20 years of experience as innovation advisor, supporting both corporates and IP professionals. Linus has a focus on best practice for exploring and using patent data to boost innovation & business.

+46 70 970 99 83

Torsten Lindholm


Torsten is a serial entrepreneur with an LLM in IP law. He has more than 20 years in sales, business development and innovation advisory. Torstens focus is to amplify the customer success journey by adopting AI to the innovation process.

+46 70 718 36 36

Daniel Roast


Daniel is an origin full stack developer and nothing is too challenging for him to solve. With 15 years of expertise within patent data he has a great knowing in the area. As CTO, security has highest priority, but also to maintain modern technology used both internal and external in all our services.

Cecilia J. Cedergren

Head of UX/GUI Design

Cecilia is using her education in Game Graphics Design to improve how we read patent data. She has experience in GUI and Graphic Design. Her focus is to create the perfect User Experience for our customers, by using feedback and gamification.

Nouiere Järvinen

Software Engineer &

Head of Support

Nouiere is a software developer and the head of support at IPscreener. She has experience in business, IT and development fields. She believes that patents increase growth of any business and will be the core of every industry.

+46 70 055 67 31



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