Be an AI Enhanced Searcher

IPscreener analyses in iterative steps an input text to screen patents and deliver a results set with high accuracy and precision. You may at any time take control to add your strategy using traditional search tunings with classes, dates etc. Your expertise is and usage also teaches and improves the future performance of the tool.

However, finding a relevant document is only the first step. IPscreener also supports easier reading and faster understanding of the patent texts. This includes pointing out the relevant texts within the documents and automatic highlighting of key technology terms.

Measured Search Performance

A core element in IPscreener’s performance is our baseline for continuous measurement. We are 100% transparent about our performance and the quality IPscreener deliver. We believe it is our responsibility to share information on the quality we dleiver.

We are able to show the scores of every technical domain and even for individual classes. If you are interested, we can deliver an instant analysis of your company’s patent portfolio, a technical domain or for a set of competitors.

Integrated Innovation Processes

Use IPscreener either as a standalone WEB tool or as an integrated option in your existing innovation platform. By this you may support all stages, from the ideation phase to the systemized validation of your invention disclosures.

Thus, you may have your cases already provided with a prior art screening automatically before even opening it to a first review. Of course, it is continuously possible get customized reports. Automatically generated from the your users actions and comments or on demand whenever you want it.

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