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By using IPscreener we found relevant prior art much quicker and the tool really supported our process of sorting out known ideas.

IP Manager

AI enhanced Searching for IP Professionals

IPscreener supports information specialists and patent professionals to perform easier exploration of prior art. Both for getting faster text based searches and AI assisted reading of patent documents. IPscreener also offers integrated reporting of findings.

Combine your search skills with AI

IPscreener lets you explore prior art and patents by using AI assisted text search. For instance, get instant insights on keywords, trends, market players and classes to boost your research.

The tool finds the relevant documents and points out which text passages you should start looking at, and highlights why. Therefore, this supports faster exploring and reading of patent texts.

Based on your activity and rankings, the algorithm learns and improves the performance. In iterative steps you get results with higher accuracy and precision.

Tune your search strategy by using your expertise. Let AI support your search, or manually modify the strategy whenever you need to.

Transparent Quality & Performance

One of the unique qualities of the IPscreener tool is the transparent quality scoring analysis.

Our baseline covers all technology domains. Thus, you are able to assess the accuracy and expected performance within your field of interest. From the scores you define a more transparent process.

We also give the performance analytics on your own patent portfolio. By these scores, you see the quality both on company level and distributed across the main CPC classes. Similarly, you may even get comparisons with other players on the market.

Transparency is one of the features that lets you get a better and quicker understanding of the prior art, giving you a head start moving forward.

Integrated Innovation Processes

Use IPscreener as an independent web service or as an integrated part of your innovation platform, for instance via our open APIs.

The platform is fully customizable, supporting local installation and searching your internal archives of e.g. invention disclosures.

By integrating IPsceener you may get AI assisted exploration and reading of patent prior art in every step of the innovation process. From AI assisted scouting new ideas in R&D to automatic screening of invention cases at the patent department.

In addition, reports are automatically generated on-the-fly from your user actions and comments. Just a click away whenever you want it.To conclude; you can focus your time and skills more efficiently.

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