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IPscreener makes reviewing inventions easy for everyone. We provide instant access to your innovation landscape world-wide. Embrace unique ideas and trends now.

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Improve Your Ideas

Patents are the greatest source of tech knowledge, covering 80% of all know-how

Exploring patents is a key for understanding the innovation landscape

What used to be complex and time-consuming for specialists, with us is possible for everyone


To get awareness of current developments and competitors behind it, our AI analysis gets information about all the activities in your field

IPScreener shows you who, where, when and how

Reduce the risk of competition and make your business decisions easy and comprehensive, based on real-world useful data

Let AI Do the Job

Your idea is everything we need! No expertise is required to get started

Just use an idea text and IPscreener`s AI will extract the knowledge for you. You just simply rank and comment what you like and learn from our research

Your idea + AI assistance
= success

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Meanwhile, all over the world...

J-B Gerard

IPscreener helps entrepreneurs and inventors - to rapidly find the active and inactive patents in their idea space. It gives access to sharp, technical information. IPscreener allows you to map your competitors and understand the technological trends. It’s a support tool helping you to validate your idea at a very early stage. IPscreener is an agile tool for modern entrepreneurs.

J-B Gérard
Co-founder of Toolspace and Head of Ideaction

Some of the key features helping you out

Landscape analysis

The innovation landscape gives trend insights and overview of who is active when and where in your field

Intelligent Highlight

The smart high-lighting tool shows top keywords in different colours for easier reading and review

Automatic report

Export your findings with comments on-the-fly via auto generated reports

IPscreener - The Perfect Tool for Inventors

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