About Us

At IPscreener we support more sustainable innovation. Our aim is:

  • To democratize IP so that everyone may benefit from the treasure of information hidden in patents.
  • To inspire and amplify new ideas.
  • To reveal trends and show the innovation landscape of what others have been up to.
  • To help minimize the risk of investing efforts in already known concepts.

We believe that the use of semantic AI text based searches is a key to cope with the new challenges and that is why we built IPscreener.

Our Amazing Team

Linus Wretblad

Torsten Lindholm

Daniel Roach

Cecilia Jensgård
Head of UX & GUI Designer

Our Story


Selected for the Vinnova AI program

In collaboration with PRV patent examiners, Toolspace incubator platform, Uppdragshuset search consultants and Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft mbH AI researchers we are exploring the next generation of prior art retrieval aiming at better understanding of patents for everyone!


Selected for the Innovate46

We are one the 10 startups chosen for the innovation program for promising business solutions, hosted in New York. This included joining the network of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce and pitching at the NASDAQ.


We are the best semantic AI tool!

At the CEPIUG conference in Milan the Austrian Patent Office discloses the first large comparison of 7 text based tools for exploring the patent domain. IPscreener is the clear winner with an outstanding performance, best quality in terms if recall and precision.

MAY 2018

Joining the the TINC program

IPscreener is selected for the TINC program. The company spends one month in the Silicon Valley at the Nordic Innovation supported by mentors and advisors. The program efficiently supports to build a US network of ambassadors as well as meeting up with partners and clients.

APRIL 2018

The new IPscreener platform

For capturing the US market, aligned with the UCLA recommendations, the IPscreener platform is released. This release includes new unique key functionalities such as reference to most relevant paragraphs of documents, showing key statistics and enhanced export functions.


IPAN and the Unycom integration

A cooperation with IPAN is engaged to connect AutoMatch to the UNYCOM software and the IP-X-CHANGE platform. Hence, this enables the release of a comprehensive API engine offering the AutoMatch functionality, whereby easy integration with any Intellectual Property Management (IPM) platform is possible.

JULY 2017

The UCLA Global Access Program

Swedish innovation agency VINNOVA grants AutoMatch the 6 months long UCLA Global Access Program to verify the US market use of a decision-support tool in the innovation process. The study showed that organization with 500 patent applications could save $ 750 000 on a yearly basis, if AutoMatch would be used prior to the filing but significantly more if used on all invention disclosures.


Company Spin Off

The tool development department is organized into a separate company – AutoMatch Sweden AB. By this re-organization we achieve a dedicated focus on business development of the tools as well as a standalone legal entity.


EUROSTAR extended research funding

From more than 3000 applicants, the European innovation program EUROSTAR grants AutoMatch an additional funding to create the next generation of semantic prior art retrieval. The extensive 3 years long research cooperation with the Technical University of Vienna reveals unique features within self-optimisation.


VINNOVA grants research funding

Swedish innovation agency VINNOVA supports a research study to verify the market use of a decision-support tool that extracts and presents prior art documents automatically. This study showed a better setting of priorities for inventions in the innovation process leading to reduced costs and a higher quality assurance of decisions. The result was a running prototype tool called AutoMatch attracting pilot customer.


Uppdragshuset & the birth of an idea

The Swedish consultancy firm Uppdragshuset specializing in prior art searching and finding technical information, particular in view of Patentability, Validity and FTO considerations is founding a development center. The purpose is to address the challenges of facing the increasing amount of data by developing tools for improved efficiency. The idea of an automated pre-screening search support tool is born.