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An inspiring afternoon seminar with use cases, learnings and trends on using AI for smarter IP and Innovation work.
Stockholm, June 3, 2024

Use case: AI supported innovation workflows, take aways so far

Fredrik Egrelius, Director Patents at Ericsson, shares thoughts on the strategy for increased automation, with learnings and experience from introducing AI analysis into the innovation workflows.

Panel Discussion:
Bridging R&D, Creativity and IP using AI

The panel discusses around innovation workflows, focusing on how to use AI to engage R&D in benefitting from IP already during development. Mikael Beving (ToolSpace), Ana Riberio Chagas (Munters), Yemao Man (ABB), Till Burkert (Ericsson). Moderator Linus Wretblad (IPscreener)

Best practice - Practical use of AI for drafting and office actions

Sebastien Ragot, Senior Partner, Blum & Co, will give a hands-on overview and best practice of using AI tools for drafting patent applications and reviewing of office actions.

How to use AI for smarter searching and finding

Joni Sayeler, CEO at Uppdragshuset, will elaborate around how AI may improve search and finding of prior art to assist the innovation work.

AI & knowledge sharing fit for tomorrow

Matt Wahlrab, Founder and CEO of RapidAlpha, will take us on a journey around future AI assisted research and evaluation approaches.

Creating systems that model future AI and innovation scenarios

Michela Magas, CEO of Inustry Common Foundation, will reveal thoughts and insights on the societal impact of AI with both possibilities and challenges.