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AI enhanced searching for IP professionals.

AI enhanced searching for IP-professionals

IPscreener support IP professionals to perform better when exploring the global prior art. To boost manual searches and use smarter AI assisted reading of patents.

Dashboard AI enhanced searching for IP professionals.

Enhanced AI searching

Use AI assisted text and get instant advice on keywords, trends, assignees and classes to boost your R&D

The tool identifies relevant documents and points out best text passages to read

With our AI, businesses can reach their max potential in the fastest and easiest way


Pscreener is 100% transparent in performance. Either within specific technical domains of interest or on your patent portfolio

Our measurement score is a key feature to ensure explicit understanding of the IPscreener performance

The workflow in search process is clear with AI scores

Let AI Do the Job

Use IPscreener as a web service or integrated via API in your innovation platform and get our constant AI search support

From AI assisted scouting in R&D to automatic prior art screening and classification of invention cases at the patent department

Reports are automatically generated from your actions

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Meanwhile, all over the world...

Michael Beving

IPscreener is a core part of our innovation work. Inventors can without special skills, just from text, research patent information and get instant knowledge on technologies & market trends.

Michael Beving
Co-founder at Toolspace

Some of the Professional key features

Passage finder

For relevant documents, IPscreener zooms in onto the text sections most relevant for you to start reading

AI tuning

The expert filters let you steer the analysis on specific domains, players or time periods

Tech explanation

Get instant insights to the technical domains & patent classes relevant for your searches

AI enhanced searching for IP professionals

New tools give other possibilities to augment your expertise and search skills. Contact us for a free trial to explore how an AI text search makes your searches smarter.