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A summary for inventors

A summary for inventors

From just a text our AI tool shows the innovation landscape. It gives quick insights to related solutions. To know your competitors as well as when and where they are active.

Amplify your Ideas

“Using IPscreener allows you to rapidly find relevant patents in the sector your idea is being developed. It’s an agile and intuitive tool for validating your ideas.”

-J-B Gérard – Co-founder Toolspace / Head Ideaction


Boost innovation

Patents are the world’s greatest source of information, covering more than 80% of all technology know-how. And most of the patents are free to use. By exploring this, you automatically get the relevant knowledge for your innovations.


Let AI do the job

Use patent data to boost your innovation, get insights and avoid reinventing the wheel. IPscreener is your guide to explore and analyze this source of patent information on the fly. What took trained specialists hours to achieve is now done instantly


Business intelligence from patents

Comparing your ideas to patent data gives you unique insights. Including a global overview of R&D activities. The analysis shows you the most active players in the field either they are competitors or customers. All in one search.


Key features:

Instant trend analysis

Easy text-based screening

Automatic highlighting

Learning from user actions



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